The Clown Star

by David F. Bartlett

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I have always maintained that The Clown Star was my very best product. I would tell people, "If you only ever buy one thing from me, this is it." The good news is that you did. The bad news is that the book is now out of print... sort of. (Sort of??? What do you mean "sort of"?) This brings me back to temporary good news. I do have some books left. I have some "flawed" books from the original printing that were replaced by the publisher. I call these the Topsy Turvy Edition of The Clown Star... meaning they have all the pages of the original book and occasionally more! Sometimes a few pages are in the wrong order... but they are there! Sometimes the pages turn upside down... but they are there! Yes they have printing and publishing flaws but all the original pages are there inside the bound books. I have signed and numbered these SPECIAL Topsy-Turvy Editions! WOOO WOOOOO!!!!!!

When these are gone I have no intention of publishing it in book form again on my own. It may become an e-book, it IS NOW an audio book.

The Clown Star has no pictures, no makeup tips, no skits, no magic tricks, no balloons, and only a few jokes. If that's what you need, you aren't quite ready for The Clown Star... and that's fine. The ideal reader for this book is the person who is truly interested in making the transition from occasional hobbyist to someone who wants to really entertain and advance artistically with their clowning. Its for the person who wants to learn how to be a continually creative, funny clown... a clown capable of leaving the cozy, comfortable confines of the clubs and alleys and go out there and entertain the real public... all ages... even teens! It that's what you want then you are ready for The Clown Star.

It is deceptively short but, if you are normal, you will read it many times and keep it handy as you constantly challenge yourself to be better, funnier and more accessible to all ages and all situations. Nothing in the book is aimed at helping you win a competition, unless what you are competing for is the laughter of your audiences. Feedback tells me that the lessons go far beyond clowning.


released March 19, 2016

Recorded by Thom Canova at studio m, Durham, North Carolina



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Mr. Rainbow the Clown Durham, North Carolina

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